How do you know that users of your WordPress website are secure? At Pilot Mountain Marketing, we want to work with you to help you develop and maintain the perfect website for your business. By using the platform WordPress, we’re sure that you’ll be happy with your beautiful and unique website, and we’ll work with you to help you get the business you deserve. Serving businesses in Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we work with our loyal clients on their WordPress websites, their digital advertising, and their Search Engine Optimization.

When you sign up on WordPress – a free platform for digital content – you are guaranteed the security you deserve. On your WordPress site, you may be required to display a privacy policy which will disclose your collection and sharing of personal data of your users. This is dependent on your national or international privacy regulations. Personal data may include your users’ names, emails, birthdates, phone numbers, and IP addresses. Other data used to identify your users may be included in the umbrella term “personal data” too.

WordPress includes several simple tools for site administrators that make it easier for you to inform your users about data that is collected on your site through a transparent privacy notice. Typically, this includes what data you collect about your users, why and how you collect data, and what you do with that data (such as whom you might share that data with).

These new tools make it easier for users to request a copy of their data or the removal of their data. The use of these new data privacy tools will make it easier for you to protect the privacy of your users. It is important to note that every website is different, so no two privacy notices will be exactly alike. New regulations may alter your compliance journeys, so we encourage you to consider that safeguarding privacy is not a one-time responsibility. Always take steps to secure and protect your users’ data both online and offline.

When it comes to your website and the protection of your website’s users, we’re here to help. We want to make sure your privacy notices are up to date so that your customers feel free to keep visiting your site and using your services. Contact Pilot Mountain Marketing today to get started with us!