Our exceptional team

Our Team

Pilot Mountain Marketing knows that every business has a story — that’s what makes it unique. No two people, or companies, have the same needs. With decades of experience across all platforms, we customize each and every element specifically for your goals and work together to bring results.  

our team 

Our team or marketing and digital advertising professionals span many decades of relevant experience. Our President and Founder has over 20 years in digital marketing and publishing experience. Our sales team, on the other hand, has well over 50 years of combined experience across multiple advertising and marketing formats from print to digital. Pilot Mountain Marketing’s technology team boasts professionals with a varied and highly successful background in technology development, deployment, and maintenance. 

 It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1 Implement: Ensure that your site is built on a solid framework from the start using the best tools — the most bang for your buck.


2 Measure: The entire foundation of our marketing efforts are measurable results.  Our marketing is active, continuous, and proven.


3 Improve: With full website analytics on every site we deploy, we can continuously revise and improve. In a nutshell: we know exactly how your site is performing.

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